Hilda Kandil-Balog

Hilda Kandil-Balog

Yoga Therapist & TCTSY-Facilitator

Meet Hilda

Hilda Kandil-Balog has a diverse background as a professional classical ballet dancer and also as a Special Educator (in Dutch: Orthopedagoog), Trauma-Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga-facilitator and Yoga Therapist in training at The Yoga Therapy Institute.Β 

Hilda was born in ex-Yugoslavia – now called Serbia – and moved to the Netherlands at the age of seven together with her mother and sister.Β She now lives with her lovely daughter and husband near Amsterdam.

Hilda is an experienced school counselor and health coordinator, that has worked in different high schools across Amsterdam. Her way of working with teenagers has evolved through the years from talk therapy to an embodied and trauma-sensitive approach, as she noticed that talk therapy with teenagers was not always enough or sometimes not even possible.

At The Yoga Therapy Institute she teachers β€œYoga Therapy for teenagers and family dynamics”. She is very passionate about teenage wellbeing, especially about introducing them to mental, emotional and physical self-care.

“Yoga Therapy is a wonderful way to accomplish this. ‘Attunement’, ‘exploring together’ and ‘enjoyment’ are some words that illustrate my work. Knowing how to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and socially is maybe one of the most valuable lessons we can learn.”

Hilda works at the National Ballet Academy of Amsterdam and holds her private practice in Amstelveen, where she works with adults and teenagers.Β 

With the support of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Nederland, Hilda is also the initiator and leader of the Self-Care Yoga Schools Project that is dedicated in supporting schools and their pupils to come in touch with a body-oriented way of dealing with trauma and dysregulation. “Our aim is to create a more trauma-informed school setting that benefits all”.

“Only when we feel safe and relaxed are we able to learn new things.”

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