Arwa Rangwala

Arwa Rangwala

Psychologist, Grief Counsellor & Yoga Therapist

Meet Arwa

Arwa Rangwala is a psychologist, certified coach, grief counsellor, and a Yoga Therapist in training (almost there).

She is currently studying for her PhD in developmental psychology with a specialisation in expressive art therapy and working towards her Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) certification.

She began her journey into the world of grief and loss, Yoga and art therapy during a difficult time in her life – her divorce along with the death of her father and a faith transition – that resulted in an identity quake.

In her search for a new sense of identity, her place in the world and creating a sense of meaning, she found Yoga and art therapy. Furthermore, she always saw Yoga and contemplative practices as a doorway into an individual’s unconscious drive and motivation. This led her to furthering her Yoga Therapy study culminating into art therapy.

As a certified coach she supports her clients to navigate major life transitions and works towards building increased awareness, autonomy, resilience and a sense of self worth that is intrinsically motivated. “Life transitions are particularly hard because in order to successfully navigate them they require not just a shift in behavior, but a shift in the way we perceive ourselves and our place in the world”.

She loves working with creative, highly sensitive individuals who are also highly functioning and consider themselves as high achievers. Being one herself, she knows the strengths that such personality traits bring, but also its many pitfalls and challenges. Furthermore, she uses a developmental, psychodynamic and existential lens to guide her clients towards vitality and well being.

Her professional research is in the area of post traumatic growth, and the development of the creative imagination.

In her free time she loves taking walks in the woods, writing and reading poetry, skateboarding with her kids, and traveling.

Her favourite poets among others are Rilke and Rumi.

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

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