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Saying that this was life changing would not be enough to describe the huge impact this training has had on me, my healing and my life overall. Working with my 21 case studies was the confirmation that I was in the right place, doing the right thing.

Floriane Legras – C-IAYT graduate, Geneve, Switzerland

I feel that I get to work with people from a more holistic perspective, than back when I was working as a nurse. The training has provided me with many more tools to work with than I ever had as a nurse. I now get to work by supporting and encouraging people to create more health and wellness in their lives. I am so grateful to all the teachers for sharing their knowledge and experience throughout the training. I’m excited to continue my journey as a graduated yoga therapist, yay!!

Camilla Bonnicel – 800-hour graduate, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Yes, yoga therapy can look soft, gentle, modified, slow, etc. from the outside but the transformation can be truly radical. I feel blessed to share these tools with the world and very grateful to have studied with and learned from the wonderful teachers at The Yoga Therapy Institute.

Mina Lange – C-IAYT graduate, Berlin, Germany

There are not enough words to describe this day and the way Suze brought all the information to us. I’m blown away. Thank you Suze, thank you everyone!

Ivan Gace – diploma student, Split, Croatia

In 2018 I found The Yoga Therapy Institute (TYTI). When I started my first module that November, I knew I had found the right place. So much to learn and also, a soft place to land. Thank you TYTI for taking me on this amazing ride, and for being part of my journey.

Bettine Meijer – 800-hour graduate, Haarlem, Netherlands

A blessing for me during the global pandemic was finding The Yoga Therapy Institute. It was the right school at the right time, set up safely and professionally for continuing my studies full-time during the global crisis. I gained even more as the Institute became a community of deep support and trust. My life began to heal. I learnt to apply moderation, and my focus became about creating balance instead of committing to extremes. As I move forward with yoga therapy, I’m excited to apply some of my most prominent understandings with those I’m fortunate to serve.

Ann Stewart – C-IAYT graduate, Johannesburg, South Africa

After 2 years and 4 months of study at The Yoga Therapy Institute I have completed all the work and passed the Final Evaluation. I am so happy to have accomplished this, and grateful for all the people I have met along the way! In all this time, I have only met a very few fellow students in real life. But I had not expected to connect with so many others through Zoom, seeing all of you in the little squares on my screen, or chatting with you in the breakout rooms. So many interesting and inspirational people!

Esme Kan – C-IAYT graduate, Leiden, Netherlands

I am so grateful for this journey with the teachers, fellow students and supportive staff at the Institute – my life literally has been transformed. But the journey is not over! I am excited to continue my yoga therapy education and my connection with the Institute.

Julie Morrow – C-IAYT graduate, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

I joined The Yoga Therapy Institute to follow some modules not knowing if I would do the whole training. Soon I realized that this was the missing piece of my puzzle: the yoga therapy offered me the connection between my scientific training with my training in yoga and philosophy. The teachings at The Yoga Therapy Institute totally matched with my view on yoga. As others sometimes say: ‘your body, your yoga’. Every human being should be able to practice yoga.

Joke Develter – 800-hour graduate, Brecht, Belgium

I really enjoyed Esther’s modules so much because I really enjoy Esther’s way of teaching and the way in which we have so much time to interact and really explore important and sometimes unsettling topics in detail and in a safe space.

Yasmin Bedi – diploma student, Salisbury, England

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