School of Yoga Therapy Virtual learning – videos

School of Yoga Therapy Virtual learning – videos

Welcome to “The School of Yoga Therapy”, an innovative online platform designed for yoga professionals, including teachers, therapists, and health practitioners. Our focus is on providing a modern, effective, and inclusive approach to yoga teaching and education.

Our platform offers a range of on-demand courses, carefully developed by highly experienced Yoga Therapists. These courses focus on practical skills, health-specific practices, and teaching techniques that you can directly apply in your classes and client sessions. The convenience of learning at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, ensures that your professional development easily fits into your busy schedule, without being overwhelmed.

We’re committed to keeping your learning journey dynamic and up-to-date. New courses are added to our platform monthly, covering the latest techniques and insights in Yoga Therapy. This consistent addition of fresh content ensures that you’re always equipped with the most current and effective practices in the field.

At The School of Yoga Therapy, we aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge to make a tangible impact on the wellbeing and health of your students and clients. Our platform is tailored for those seeking to enhance their expertise in Yoga and Yoga Therapy without being limited by traditional educational constraints.

Whether you’re a certified yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, or a professional in a related health field, our platform is designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in a practical, accessible, and cost-effective way. Join us as we strive to advance the practice and teaching of Yoga Therapy for the modern world.

The School of Yoga Therapy Courses

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Exclusive Yoga Therapy educational videos and materials taught by some of the best and most experienced C-IAYT yoga therapy professionals in the world. Discover the science-informed practical tools & techniques that will bring a new perspective, safety and inspiration to your work as a yoga professional and practitioner. Your students will notice the difference as your teachings and your own practice will never be the same!

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Do you wish to work more safely with your clients and students?

Yoga practices can cause physical, emotional, and even spiritual harm if they are not applied in a safe manner.
In these course, Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT and founder of The Yoga Therapy Institute, shares some of the essential principles of safety that she has learned through 20 years of experience working with hundreds of private clients from all over the world.


Caroline Kila C-IAYT, founder of Breath Heads and an international expert in traditional yoga breathing, takes us through the subtle principles of preparation for Pranayama, and how to carry out a breath observation to assess which breathing practices we might choose for our client or student.


Learn a wide range of movements that you can safely apply and adapt to your students in standing, sitting and lying down stances, as part of the treatment itself or as preparation for asana practice.


The best kept secret of all Yoga Therapy Practices: Joint-Freeing Series based on Mukunda Stile’s adaptation of the Pawanmuktasana Series, delivered by Marleen Jansen C-IAYT in her characteristically gentle approach, making it an ideal practice for everyone, including students experiencing the most challenging health situations.


Lower Back Pain is the number one musculoskeletal health issue experienced by millions, regardless of their age. Pain in the lower back does not mean that there is a herniated disc, and, with some common sense guidance, it can be relieved with simple practices that can be easily done in a few minutes, every day.

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