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Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy with Esther van der Sande -Online

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy with Esther van der Sande -Online

We are happy to introduce the first and only certified Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Workshop in the Netherlands, held by Esther van der Sande.

Esther is a professional counsellor, somatic psychotherapist, EMDR clinician, qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher and a valuable member of the faculty at The Yoga Therapy Institute.

She is a Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F) based in the Netherlands and has completed the certification under the supervision of TCTSY pioneer David Emerson.

Esther co-founded the Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia and she is the Founder of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nederland.

Apart from teaching and supervising our Yoga Therapy trainees, Esther is also part of the Training Faculty (TCTSY-T) of the Trauma Centre in JRI Boston, and the only certified professional in The Netherlands qualified to offer this training.


You will receive a letter of completion from The Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI, Justice Resource Institute, Boston USA. 

Yoga Teachers & Licensed Clinicians

This workshop satisfies the entrance requirements if you wish to apply for The Center for Trauma and Embodiment’s TCTSY-F certification program. You can read more about the programme here.

Licensed Mental Health Clinicians

  • You will learn how to integrate elements of TCTSY into your existing therapeutic work.

Non-Clinical Yoga Teachers

  • This workshop is intended to help non-clinical yoga teachers create a safe space and offer a more trauma-informed yoga class. In this workshop, you will learn how to integrate TCTSY elements into your existing teaching work.
  • PLEASE NOTE: For ethical reasons, this workshop does not qualify non-clinical yoga teachers to offer trauma services, including using the term TCTSY or using the term ´trauma’ in marketing yoga classes.
  •  This program is solely for professional development. The context of this workshop is not intended as an intervention for participants who have experienced trauma. The workshop space is intended for teaching purposes and not treatment. Talking about trauma, even in the context of a professional workshop, can be triggering.
Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

I have the privilege of being able to help people from all walks of life, through difficult times in their lives. I support adults as they struggle to deal with issues such as stress management, confidence and self-esteem, relationship, grief and loss, addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Developmental and Complex Trauma

This Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Workshop is a practical module, which will allow students to become aware of complex trauma in their own clients and students, and clearly define the scope of practice in this field.

Esther’s accessible and friendly approach offers a fresh perspective, with clinical examples, making this a workshop not to be missed.


29th September – 3rd October


14th February – 18th February


19th September – 23rd September 2022



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