Yoga Therapy for Dysfunctional Breathing

Yoga Therapy for Dysfunctional Breathing

6 Hours | 2 Sessions

With Caroline Kila & Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT

Dysfunctional Breathing (DB) can cause a wide range of symptoms, including chest and breastbone pain, tightness in the upper body, dizziness, palpitations, and tiredness. In this online Short Course, Caroline Kila, C-IAYT, shares her expertise in breathing mechanics. Participants will learn to identify DB patterns, understand their possible causes, and how to safely apply the right practices to improve breathing.

These insights are particularly beneficial for individuals with asthma, anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure, as well as for those aiming to enhance their breathing capabilities.

Joining Caroline is Montserrat G. Mukherjee, C-IAYT, who brings over two decades of experience in working with a diverse range of clients and students worldwide.


6 Hours


€ 70

€ 57.85 excl. VAT

What to expect

In this engaging 6-hour online course, you’ll dive into safe Yoga Therapy methods for Dysfunctional Breathing. Learn practical skills to help and understand this highly common issue better.

This training includes:

  • 6 hours of live Zoom presentations
  • Unlimited access to the full recording
  • Supporting written materials
  • Email access to experienced C-IAYT teachers for topic-related questions
  • A Certificate of Attendance with 6 Yoga Alliance CE points will be provided for those who attend all hours of the training live!

You can also purchase this training to watch on-demand. Seize the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns.

The programme

Day 1

  • Date: Thursday 6th June 2024
  • Time: 10.00 hrs – 13.00 hrs (CET) (Local time zone converter)
    • Understanding Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns: What they are and their impact on health
    • Differentiating DB from Other Health Issues: Signs and Symptoms
    • Yoga Therapy Breath Inquiry

Day 2

  • Date: Friday 7th June 2024
  • Time: 10.00 hrs – 13.00 hrs (CET) (Local time zone converter)
    • Practical Exploration of Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns
    • Yoga Therapy Applications: Creating functional breathing patterns that work for us
    • Closure & Q&A




  • Thursday 6th – Friday 7th June 2024
    10.00 hrs – 13.00 hrs (CET)

Who can join this training?

This training is open to all interested individuals, including Yoga Therapy trainees, qualified and certified Yoga Therapists, yoga practitioners and teachers as well as professionals from related fields.

Your teachers

Caroline Kila C-IAYT

Caroline specializes in breathwork, focusing on identifying and addressing Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns in clients. She provides practical tools and techniques for exploring breath, developed from her extensive clinical experience in Yoga Therapy and safe breathing practices.

Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT

Montserrat, an experienced Yoga Therapist, has a true skill in noticing clients with breathing issues. Over the years, she has learned a lot about the different symptoms and ways this common problem appears, understanding the physical and emotional traits often seen in her clients.


  • Excl. VAT €57,85
  • Incl. 21% VAT € 70
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