Mentorship and personal supervision make our Diploma courses one of their kind. The Yoga Therapy Institute provides extensive opportunities for guided project work and case studies, demonstrating the practical application of yoga therapy in real-life situations. 

Personal supervision with mentorship is perhaps one of the most endeared aspects of these training sessions. We have strengthened this offering to ensure high engagement during the transition to online learning, benefiting students and teachers alike. 

During the modules, students have the chance to speak directly to the teachers and we offer a communication system to make individual appointments for any questions and challenging situations regarding the curriculum. 

Once the student has completed their diploma modules, they will be allocated a mentor who will accompany them for the duration of their case studies until graduation. 

On occasions, mentors will also refer the student to another member of the faculty for extra support, if the nature of the subject of your case study should require it.

This open environment ensures that students can also benefit from receiving guidance from different perspectives of the various members of the faculty- each specialised in their own area of expertise – and making the learning process an all-round richer experience. 

Trauma-Informed Counselling 

As part of our Trauma Informed teachings, we also offer our students personal and professional and trauma related counselling through our Trauma Sensitive Faculty, should the student encounter any challenges related to personal or professional trauma experiences. 

After graduation

After graduation, we continue to meet with the 875-hour Diploma graduates at a bi-annual professional meeting mediated by a member of the faculty, where graduates get to share their professional experiences and learn from each other. 

Once students start their work as a yoga therapist or as a professional that applies yoga therapy knowledge and skills, we encourage them to contact us with any questions or professional issues that might arise with their clients and students. 

In addition, we host regular free workshops for all students of The Yoga Therapy Institute, focused on subjects of specific current issues that we feel need to be addressed, such as Covid-19 Recovery and How to Grow your own Yoga Therapy Business.

Specialized Online Training Courses are also offered at a special discount for all students of The Yoga Therapy Institute.