Fasting: What We Should Know for Yoga Yoga Therapy

Fasting: What We Should Know for Yoga Yoga Therapy

6 Hours | 3 Sessions

With Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT

Fasting and intermittent fasting has gained attention in scientific and medical communities in recent years for its potential health benefits, including weight management and improved metabolic health.

This training explores fasting in the context of Yoga Therapy, examining various considerations such as its historical significance, different methods, physiological and psychological effects, and integration into clients’ everyday lives. We will also discuss the potential benefits and risks associated with fasting, and how Yoga Therapy practices can be tailored to individuals that practise it.

Additionally, this training will review scientific research and the impact on health conditions like chronic inflammation, digestive disorders, and stress-related ailments. Understanding the scientific evidence will help us better comprehend the potential synergy with Yoga Therapy practices.

This training does not endorse or promote fasting, or any extreme or unsustainable practices. Instead, it seeks to provide a balanced and informed perspective in the realm of Yoga Therapy, emphasising individualised approaches and professional guidance.

On Demand

6 Hours


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What to expect

During this comprehensive 6-hour online Specialized Training Course you will delve into the depths of fasting and its implications in the work of Yoga Therapy, gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge.

This training includes:

  • 6 hours of live Zoom presentations
  • Unlimited access to the full recording
  • Supporting written materials
  • Email access to experienced C-IAYT teachers for topic-related questions
  • A Certificate of Attendance with Yoga Alliance CE points will be provided to those who attend all hours of the live training!

Don’t worry if you can’t attend the training live – you can still purchase it on-demand. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the world of fasting within the scope of practice for Yoga Therapy!

The programme

Day 1

  • Date: Wednesday 26th July 2023
  • Time: 16.00 hrs – 18.00 pm (CET) (Local time zone converter)
    • Different methods of fasting
    • Physiological and psychological effects of fasting
    • Q&A

Day 2

  • Date: Thursday 27th July 2023
  • Time: 16.00 hrs – 18.00 pm (CET) (Local time zone converter)
    • Scientific research on fasting and its impact on health conditions
    • Potential benefits of fasting in Yoga Therapy
    • Risks associated with fasting
    • Q&A

Day 3

  • Date: Friday 28th July 2023
  • Time: 16.00 hrs – 18.00 pm (CET) (Local time zone converter)
    • Tailoring Yoga Therapy practices to individuals who practise fasting
    • Understanding the synergy between fasting and Yoga Therapy practices
    • Scope of practice of Yoga Therapy and fasting
    • Q&A & Closure




  • On-demand recordings still available for purchase!

Who can join this training?

This training is open to all interested individuals, including Yoga Therapy trainees, qualified and certified Yoga Therapists, yoga practitioners and teachers as well as professionals from related fields.

Your teacher

Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT

Montserrat G. Mukherjee is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga Therapy, specialising in holistic approaches to health and well-being. With a compassionate approach and deep understanding of the body and mind, she creates individually adapted practices that support physical, mental, and emotional health. Montserrat's expertise includes working with individuals who practise fasting, recognising the synergy between fasting and Yoga Therapy for overall wellness. Her extensive knowledge and research provide a balanced perspective on integrating fasting into Yoga Therapy.


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*Students of The Yoga Therapy Institute can contact us for their exclusive discount code when booking this training.

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