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Yoga Psychology: Philosophy and Practice for Anxiety and Depression Relief – Online

with Lisa Kaley-Isley PhD,


Lisa Kaley-Isley

This Yoga Psychology Workshop for Anxiety and Depression Relief is lead by Lisa Kaley-Isley, a clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, IAYT certified Yoga Therapist and Yoga Therapy educator. She has been working as a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Therapy researcher since 2004, when she was also the Chief of Psychology at a leading Children’s Hospital in the US.

Lisa is a long-term yoga student of Yogarupa Rod Styker of Para Yoga and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute. She studied Yoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow of American Viniyoga.
Lisa has taught and presented her research at multiple IAYT SYTAR conferences and is currently a member of the IAYT Accreditation committee. She is a founding member of the Global Consortium on Yoga Therapy and she has presented at conferences in the US, UK, Netherlands, Japan and Croatia.
Lisa is the author of several published research articles and book chapters on Yoga Therapy and yoga with young people.
She was on the Board of Directors of the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Course in the UK and she founded and directed the Yoga Therapy Clinic at The Life Centre in London for 9 years. She continues to teach and supervise on the course.
In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, Lisa moved to the Netherlands, where she offers Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapy supervision online. Lisa has taught this module for The Yoga Therapy Institute since 2018, when the programme was accredited.
Lisa integrates her knowledge and experience in psychotherapy and yoga psychology to offer practices informed by yoga philosophy, to achieve the aims of yoga: self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-realisation.

The programme

This Yoga Psychology Workshop for Anxiety and Depression Relief is an essential part of the psychological and self-development Yoga Therapy component of The Yoga Therapy Institute.

In this course, you will learn:

• Asana, pranayama, and meditation you can incorporate into your practice and share with your students and clients. These practices are intended to reveal current conditions and facilitate growth, healing and transformation

• The holistic nature of yoga and human beings (koshas) and how to use practices to promote harmonious integration and empowerment at all levels

• Yoga conceptual models (doshas, gunas, prana vayus and vital essences) arising from yoga psychology and philosophy (Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras) that help us see, understand and guide our intervention choices in Yoga Therapy

• Techniques for revealing imbalances and inner conflicts that manifest in mind-body symptoms as anxiety and depression, and methods for regulating the autonomic nervous system to cultivate equanimity and equilibrium in the body, breath, and mind (asana, pranayama, guided relaxation and mantra)

We are all beginners as yoga practitioners. We continue to learn and grow by sharing the practices that have benefitted us with others. As we learn to share, we need to continue to anchor our teaching in our own experience and growth. Yoga darshan – seeing things clearly as they are – including ourselves and others – is essential to yoga psychology, as applied in Yoga Therapy.

Lisa offered us some of the best practices I have ever had in my years of teaching yoga. I continue to do these practices every day to deal with my own anxiety and insecurities”

Lisa offers this mental health focused training to:
• Raise awareness of mental health conditions and how yoga philosophy and practice originated from the desire to lessen emotional suffering.
• Increase competence and confidence in yoga teachers and Yoga Therapy trainees to self-reflect and use yoga practices to support their own on-going self-awareness and growth.
• Offer safe, responsive and empowering practices for yoga teachers and therapists, which they can then offer to their students and clients.

Lisa’s classes and workshops provide an opportunity for personal experience and reflection, as well as learning how to better assist others on their journey.
“Yoga Psychology: Philosophy and Practice applied in Yoga Therapy”  is a highly recommended course for those who wish to experience for themselves the Yoga Therapy approach to the treatment and management of Anxiety and Depression, guided by one of the most qualified, experienced and compassionate Yoga Therapists in Europe.



19th-21st November & 11th-12th December



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Open to Yoga Therapists in training, Yoga Therapists, yoga teachers and committed yoga practitioners.

This is a highly recommended course for those who wish to experience, for themselves, the Yoga Therapy approach and management of mental health.