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Yoga Therapy Foundation 100-hours

 Yoga Therapy Foundation 100 hours

Yoga Therapy Foundation 100 hours



A unique, intense course where you will learn the essential foundations of Yoga Therapy, from which you can build up your further Yoga Therapy Diploma hours. These 100 hours are part of the 500 and 800 hours courses.

This course takes 2 separate weeks, and it is an essential part required by all applicants of the diploma course, and for those who, for professional reasons,  wish to learn more about the therapeutic applications of Yoga Therapy.


The Yoga Therapy Institute

Stroombaan, 4

Amstelveen 1181VX

Tram 5 from Amsterdam Central Station

Metro 51 stop Amstelveen Centrum


The program



Fundamental principles of Yoga Therapy; What is Yoga Therapy, Applications, and Areas of Application of Yoga Therapy, Scope of Practice.

Yoga Therapy applications of traditional models: 

  •   Pancha Koshas
  •   Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga 
  •   Prana Vayus 
  •   The Kleshas
  •   Chakra Model
  •   Yoga Nidra
  •   Ayurveda Model


Integration of  Krishnamacharya Traditional Yoga Therapy teachings and the Yoga Therapy lineages of The Bihar School of Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Structural Yoga Therapy and the up-to-date Yoga Therapy Biomedical Scientific models.

Basic introduction to the history of yoga and yoga therapy, including traditional and modern lineages.

Definitions of health and restoration of balance in the Yoga tradition, and as described by the World Health Organisation.



  1. Skills, qualities, and abilities of the Yoga Therapist
  2. The Responsibilities of the Yoga Therapist
  3. Practical Guidelines 
  4. Professional Guidelines and Ethical Principles
  5. Introduction to the IAYT
  6. ‘Yoga Therapy as a Health Profession and a Healthy Business’
  7.  Mindful marketing




  1.   Students will learn to identify health warnings and Red Flags, as well as challenging situations, referral protocol, safety and self-protection, client communication skills, and communication systems with other health professionals.
  2. Structure and deliver of client assessment and intake. This includes a clinical observation process which encompasses both physical and psychological assessment. These systems are based on the scientific and biomedical models of Body-Mind work, Biotensegrity,  and the teachings of Dr. Timothy McCall. How to model and structure a client intake, the objectives of the intake as well as the psychological aspects of the intake process.
  3.  Awareness of body signals and body language
  4.  Conclusion and client report
  5.  Setting up of client lifestyle recommendations, homework and follow- up



  1. Basic Yoga Therapy principles of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.
  2. The Art of sequencing
  3. Practical tools; Yoga Nidra, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga
  4.  Mantras, Mudras, and Bandhas in the practice of Yoga Therapy
  5. The healing qualities of sound
  6.  Applications of Yoga Therapy in group classes


During this course you will be able to observe life- case studies lead by a certified yoga therapist in clinical and personal settings.



  1. September 24th- 30th & October 22nd-28th 2018 FULLY BOOKED-REGISTER FOR OTHER MODULES
  2. October 1st-7th & November 5th-11th  FULLY BOOKED – REGISTER FOR OTHER MODULES


  1. March 25th- 31st & May 27th May- 2nd June FULLY BOOKED- REGISTER FOR NEXT EDITION 

2. April 29th- May 5th &  June 24th-June 30th OPEN FOR REGISTRATION 

Acceptance requirements for the Yoga Therapy Foundation Course

This Yoga Therapy Foundation Course 100-hour is open to all Yoga teachers and therapists with yoga teaching and practice experience, who are interested in professional Yoga Therapy and who would like to do this course as a bridge to further Yoga Therapy studies.

This course can be of interest as further education to medical professionals, physiotherapists, coaches, and other therapeutic professionals.

What qualification will I receive?

Upon completion of this course, you will receive The Yoga Therapy Institute 100-hour Foundation Course Diploma, which will allow you to continue your studies as a Yoga Therapist with us, or with many other international schools. Continuing your studies elsewhere is always dependent upon a successful application.

We are in the process of preparing our application for the IAYT accreditation. This means that this diploma will be valid as added hours to your certification as specified by the IAYT.


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Montserrat G Mukherjee and the team @The Yoga Therapy Institute