Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs

Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs in Amsterdam

The Yoga Therapy Institute’s Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs for Europe in the Netherlands

Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs

Become a qualified Yoga Therapist with our advanced Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs, a unique course of its kind in Europe.

A professional program in which you will learn everything you need to know about how to apply Yoga tools in a therapeutic environment.

The program director is Montserrat G Mukherjee, the first yoga therapist in the Netherlands certified by the prestigious International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Montserrat has over 12 years experience working as a yoga therapist with clients from all over the world and she is a yoga teacher’s mentor and yoga teacher’s therapist.

Other teachers and therapists in this course:

Kristin S. Vikjord, clinical psychologist, yoga therapist and founder of Delight Yoga.

Alison Melvin, E-RYT Yoga Alliance (500-hour)  and Restorative Yoga training teacher

Suze Retera, a psychologist and certified yoga teacher, teaching since 2006, specialized in embodiment and tension-release, and Yoga Nidra.

Doctor Mays Zakko, our in-house doctor and bio-medical lecturer,  based in Amsterdam

Marleen Jansen, Yoga Campus Certified Yoga Therapist based in Amsterdam

Lisa Kaley-Isley, IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist trained with the American Viniyoga of Gray Kaftsow.

Esther van der Sander, a Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator (TCTSY-F) in the Netherlands under the supervision of TCTSY pioneer David Emerson.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Yoga Biomedical Trust- certified yoga therapist who has trained thousands of Yoga Nidra teachers around the world and co-founder of Yoga Nidra Network. Author of the best-selling book Yoni Shakti

 Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs

All students of the Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hours are required to complete the following modules:

  1. Yoga Therapy Foundation 100 hours 
  2. Yoga Therapy Applications for Asana, Pranayama & Restorative Yoga 50 hours  
  3. Yoga Therapy for Muscular -Skeletal injuries & Low Back Pain Clinic 50 hours  
  4. Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular & Respiratory Disease 50 hours
  5. Yoga Therapy for the Nervous System, degenerative disease & Pain Clinic 50 hours
  6. Yoga Therapy for Digestive issues: The Gut Link 42 hours
  7.  Yoga Nidra for Yoga Therapy 14 hours
  8.  Well -Woman and Well -Man Clinics 42 hours
  9.  Yoga Therapy for Endocrine and Auto-immune disorders 42 hours
  10. 2 x Modules of Psychological aspects of Yoga Therapy 60 hours *see choices

Module assessments and examinations

Upon completion of each module, students are required to complete their relevant homework assignments and written examinations.

Students will also be required to complete one case study with real clients per module, following The Yoga Therapy Institute’s protocol for practicum delivery and The IAYT’s  professional principles of Yoga Therapy



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The Netherlands

Yoga Therapy diploma 500 hours

How long does it take?

approx 20 months

How long you take to do our courses depends on your own needs and how you can integrate them into your professional and family life. At The Yoga Therapy Institute, we understand that there are practical reasons why you might miss some modules or take a longer time to finish your studies. Please keep us informed of any changes in your course schedule so we can come up with solutions to help you manage your studies within a reasonable time frame.


This Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs Course offers the minimum hours of study and practice required to work as a professional yoga therapist in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe * (individual country’s regulations apply).

It is the foundation on which to build the Yoga Therapy Diploma 800 hours with international accreditation.

What you can expect in each module

  • Lecture hours (at location) by international yoga therapists
  • Yoga Therapy Practice with live-observation of clients from our Clinic and case studies
  • Mentorship and guidance to support you with your homework and case studies
  • Distance learning (in some modules only)
  • Open-book examinations (online)
  • One assessment of practical work (at location)
  • A Student manual per module
  • Mentorship and follow-up from a certified Yoga Therapist to help you with your professional development.

Students will be expected to demonstrate their abilities to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course during a practical assessment, at the end of the course.


All students participating in this course will benefit from our mentorship program, which includes:

1.The option of your own Yoga Therapy Session with Montserrat G. Mukherjee

2.Extra tutoring outside of classroom hours, when needed at the discretion of their teacher.

3.Guidance and support with case studies and practical cases.


Yoga Teacher Training 200- hour certification

Yoga teaching experience or alternatively, therapeutic or medical work experience

Proficient use of the English language


*Prices in Euros 2019 

  1. Yoga Therapy Foundation 100-hour 950 euros 
  2. Yoga Nidra Foundation Weekend 250 euros
  3. Yoga Therapy Applications of Asana, Pranayama and Restorative Yoga 550 euros
  4. Yoga Therapy for Muscular-skeletal injuries & Low Back Pain 550 euros
  5. Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular & Respiratory Issues 550 euros
  6. Yoga Therapy for the Nervous System, Degenerative Disease & Pain Clinic 550 euros 
  7. Yoga Therapy for Digestive Issues & The Gut Link 480 euros
  8. Well-Woman’s health & Well-Man Clinic 480 euros
  9. Yoga Therapy for Hormonal & Immune Systems 480 euros
  10. Yoga Therapy Workshop for Anxiety & Depression 450 euros
  11. Yoga Therapy for the Mind 350 euros
  12. Final Assessment and case study mentorship 250 euros 

5,890 euros ex 21% VAT * 2019

*Prices in euros 2020

  • Yoga Therapy Foundation 100-hour 1100 euros 
  • Yoga Nidra Foundation Weekend 290 euros
  • Yoga Therapy Applications of Asana, Pranayama and Restorative Yoga 650 euros
  • Yoga Therapy for Muscular-skeletal injuries & Low Back Pain 590 euros
  • Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular & Respiratory Issues 590 euros
  • Yoga Therapy for the Nervous System, Degenerative Disease & Pain Clinic 590 euros 
  • Yoga Therapy for Digestive Issues & The Gut Link 500 euros
  • Well-Woman’s health & Well-Man Clinic 500 euros
  • 2 X Modules of Psychological Aspects of Yoga Therapy 500 euros each
  • Yoga Therapy for the Mind 500 euros
  • Final Assessment and case study mentorship 300 euros 

6,610 euros ex 21% VAT *2020

 Payment terms

We like to offer our students easy ways to apply and pay for these courses. Learn about the different payment options that you can choose at

Registration and payment terms 

European Tax Invoices:

Registered companies outside of the Netherlands and within the European Community may request a tax-free invoice.

Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs

How do I join?

First, fill up our registration form  *this does not commit you in any way, it is just for us to find out if you qualify for our courses and as the first point of contact.

All modules can be done independently.

You can start the 500-hour Diploma Course in any module, but we recommend students to start with

The Yoga Therapy Foundation 100 hours

You can then call us or we arrange to call you for a personal interview to discuss your goals and answer all your questions.

Please note that reservation of modules can only be confirmed upon payment of the full fee

Once we receive your confirmation and payment, we will send you the list of the reading list required for the specific module.


*A  note on IAYT accreditation

This course follows the guidelines of The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

For certification with the IAYT you need to finish a minimum of 800 hours of Yoga Therapy coursework.

Our 800- hour Yoga Therapy Diploma Course is currently in the process of accreditation with the IAYT.

At the end of your 500-hour Yoga Therapy Diploma Course, you can add the remaining 300 hours with the extra modules that we offer.

If you would like more information on this subject, please contact us

We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome to The Yoga Therapy Institute!