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“Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation and meditation technique that is nourishing and restorative. Total Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore Tuli encompasses all styles of Yoga Nidra from a variety of sources. It is a radical, creative and intuitive approach to sharing Yoga Nidra in a way that is profoundly healing and transformative”

Uma co-founded the Yoga Nidra Network in 2011 which liberates and expands the understandings of Yoga Nidra.
Yoga Nidra has many benefits:

  • refreshes vitality and supports health and well being
  • brings us home to ourselves, where we rediscover innate peace in every circumstance of life
  • boosts creativity and develops the facility for intuitive insights when practised regularly
  • gives expanded awareness for lucid living, that awakens the consciousness of sleep and dream
  • reconnects us to the source of our own loving nature
  • empowers us to welcome happiness and purpose in every dimension of life

“Yoga Nidra is a great treasure, a potent meditative resource for healing, insight, and empowerment. It’s a state of consciousness in which we are invited to re-encounter the essential truth of who we really are. Yoga Nidra provides us with the opportunity to experience deep freedom.“ – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

“An experience like no other”

“The Yoga Nidra Foundation Course with Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Sivani Mata was an experience like no other!”

The beautiful stunning location, at the Vondelkerk by the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, and the truly amazing turnout of students coming from as far as South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Canada…the yoga therapy trainees from The Yoga Therapy Institute were there,  and yoga teachers from many yoga studios from the Netherlands joined together. All under the spell of Uma’s welcoming voice and wisdom, and Sivani’s magical singing gift…a total Yoga Nidra event.

Students learned about the releasing and self-realizing properties of Yoga Nidra as a safe form of guided meditation. Yoga Nidra can be practiced by almost everyone, in any state of health and being. However, there was a note of caution for people suffering from psychosis and mental illness, unless they are under the care of a clinically experienced teacher.

Yoga Nidra Foundation Course

Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy

I  met Uma Dinsmore-Tuli over twelve years ago, at The Yoga Therapy Biomedical Trust in London. Uma was one of the teachers of The Yoga Therapy Diploma Course, together with her husband Nirlipta, a Yoga Nidra facilitator and hypnotherapist.

This was the first time I learned about the powerful effects of Yoga Nidra, especially when integrated into a therapeutic yoga set-up. Since then, and after years of training, Yoga Nidra has become the piece of the puzzle with which I close almost all the Yoga Therapy sessions with my private clients. In fact, my clients and students almost demand that we do Yoga Nidra…  -I’m afraid that if I don’t do it they might walk out!-

No wonder. For some of them, this is the only time in their week when they can truly let go.  One particular client, a 72-year-old active woman who regularly plays tennis, has suffered all her life from insomnia. Unable to sleep longer than 3 hours for long periods of time, she has attended many sleep clinics and has been to an endless number of doctors to try and solve her problem.

These days, she comes twice a week for one-on-one sessions, where through Yoga Nidra, she gets a full 45 minute Nidra sleep. I love listening to her soft snores and how she wakes up so peacefully, yet still surprised at the results.

I normally use plenty of blankets and cushions, with the body fully supported in restorative position and a small cushion over their eyes -more on this in other articles. We start with the soft sound of the singing bowl and…the journey begins.

After 15-20 mins, you clearly see the effects: soft breath, radiant face, open smile, and a deep heartfelt sigh…the body and the mind restored and free.

After Yoga Nidra, Uma recommends you not to send your students home straight away without some recovery time, perhaps with a cup of tea, some dates, nuts or a bar of small chocolate. Personally, I also like to chat with my clients to make sure they are grounded before they leave through the door. This way you help them to transition safely into the world outside.

Some more Yoga Nidra training is coming soon to Amsterdam, so stay engaged and please send us any questions or comments! We’d love to hear from you.

With love and wishing you sweet dreams,


Yoga Nidra Foundation Course

Yoga Nidra Foundation Course


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