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Yoga Therapy Foundation Course Jan-March 2018/ Review

Yoga Therapy Foundation Course in Amsterdam


January-March 2018


“Montserrat’s teaching in this Yoga Therapy Foundation Course is so rich and inspiring for so many reasons She has an incredible knowledge of yoga therapy and integrates that beautifully with her intuition. With that combination, she truly knows to catch an individual’s essence.
At the same time, she is a very honest and grounded, down to earth person and therefore also able to apply yoga tools in such a way.  She makes yoga therapy accessible for everyone, putting safety and respect towards the client always in the first place. And all that with a good sense of humor!
I am so glad and thankful to be one of her students, to be part of such a lovely group of yoga therapists pioneers!”



This Yoga Therapy Foundation Course is such a wonderful and deep experience. Thank you…thank you for all your support”


“Loving every minute of the training. I recommend this course to all good teachers I know” 



“Montserrat is a wonderful teacher who has a profound knowledge of Yoga Therapy and can bring this across with much joy and ease. The course offers me a great balance between the more spiritual framework of yoga and in-depth knowledge on the human body & mind. I learned so many new things in the Foundation Course, which I can take with me on my path of becoming a yoga therapist as well as in my group yoga classes” 

“The first two modules of the yoga therapy course have been very enriching for me. It really is a good start if you want to know more about yourself and at which point you are but also to understand the content of the study yoga therapy. 

I found it a very “eye-opening” course and lots of new learning, also to see situations from another point of view instead of the traditional (more rigid) form of yoga that actually does not always really bring more balance for people. And that is what yoga therapy is all about!

There is a good balance between theory and practice and Montserrat knows very well how to melt these together. The different study cases with real clients during the classes give great insight into what yoga therapy really is and how to apply this in practice.

I love the way Montserrat teaches: very practical and concrete. I appreciate most her loving, non-judgmental and “down-to-earth” teachings. She applies her talents and knowledge to the fullest in a very joyful way with lots of laughter! She really wants you to gather as much as possible knowledge and experience and shares every little detail of her extensive expertise, wanting to make us the best professionals ever!

Montserrat, thank you so much, you are fantastic and you’re making with who you are the world such a better place!”

M.van der Broek

An intense schedule Monday to Sunday, filled with lecture work, practice on and off the mat, real case studies, hands-on professional experience, love, fun, and therapeutic team spirit. 

Yoga Therapy Foundation CourseYoga Therapy Foundation Course

Yoga Therapy practice: use of props in preparation for Yoga Nidra

Adapted to the needs of different individuals, suffering from lower back pain, migraines, shoulder issues and other health issues.

Yoga Therapy Foundation Course    Yoga Therapy Foundation Course

Yoga Therapy Foundation Course Day 5 with Montserrat G Mukherjee & Marleen Jansen

Learning about the application of the Pancha-Kosha model in a Yoga Therapy session, with the help of some cute Russian dolls at De Roos center in the beautiful Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

Yoga Therapy Foundation Course            Yoga Therapy Foundation Course

“The main purpose of a yoga therapist is to help bring back the balance of physical. emotional and psychological health”.

      Yoga Therapy Foundation Course