Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training-The Yoga Therapy Institute

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

The MOST COMPREHENSIVE 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Therapy Institute’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is an international Yoga Alliance accredited training led by a world-class faculty with 30+ years of combined experience in the realm of training, teaching and practising yoga.

The curriculum consists of three in-depth modules that ensure you will be prepared to share your knowledge and the practice of yoga with others in a highly skilful and accessible manner. The purpose of this training is to give you the necessary skills to teach and practice yoga with safety, awareness and confidence.

The content of this training is constantly being adapted to accommodate new research findings and innovative, practical applications, continuing to raise the bar for the education of Yoga Teachers. This 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training teaches students all the knowledge and skills required to be effective and compassionate Yoga Teachers in today’s modern society. It does this in a collaborative, inspiring and supportive environment whilst respecting the history and traditions of Yoga.



The Yoga Therapy Institute’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training takes a very accessible and mindful approach to the teaching of yoga.


Although yoga in general, can be considered a curative practice, we will show you how to teach in a manner that prioritizes safety, individuality, and consideration of all circumstances that might affect one’s practice.


Our entire training incorporates a trauma-informed perspective, which is rarely found in other standard 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training courses.


The faculty have all been trained at The Yoga Therapy Institute to become certified Yoga Therapists, making them specialists in their areas of expertise, and professionals in the field of teaching yoga correctly and safely.


Our educational and interactive training techniques will guarantee that you walk away with lifelong tools on how to develop your own yoga practice, and also safely and confidently teach yoga to others.


There is a maximum of only 14 students per training, thereby ensuring you receive plenty of attention to your personal practice and also have the ability to develop yourself as a unique and authentic yoga teacher.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into three modules, each of which is designed to give you a comprehensive and practically-applicable understanding of essential subjects related to the teaching of yoga. All subjects are taught by our highly dedicated and experienced teaching faculty.

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training


The main style of yoga taught during this 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is based on Hatha Yoga, which offers an opportunity to explore each pose in great depth and create a solid foundation for practising and teaching yoga appropriately. We will also introduce and examine other styles of yoga, namely Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Viniyoga, Pre- and Post-natal Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. Classes are taught in English, however, our faculty speaks multiple different languages, and our students usually join us from all different parts of the world.

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is offered in two different formats:


  • Module 1
  • ONLINE: Three weekends, 10:00-17:15 CET on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Module 2
  • IN-PERSON: Two weeks, 07:30-18:30 daily
  • Module 3
  • ONLINE: One weekend, 10:00-17:15 CET on Saturdays and Sundays

The three modules are distributed over a ten-week timeframe. All online classes are recorded, and attendance for the in-person component (module 2), which takes place in the beautiful studio of FLOW in Delft (the Netherlands) is mandatory.


Modules 1, 2 and 3 are taught in person during a three-week intensive residency training.

The retreat centre is on a stunning private estate in St-Antonin-Noble-Val (South France), with spacious bedrooms (twin or private rooms with shared bathrooms), heating, lounge areas, kitchen, wifi, sauna, forest walks, and a library. Three incredible vegetarian meals per day are included, as well as unlimited water, coffee and tea.

*As this training places a strong emphasis on adapting the practice of yoga to the individual and the intentional application of the practice of yoga, The Yoga Therapy Institute’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training currently can’t be completed only online.

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200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

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200-hour Yoga Teacher training
200-hour Yoga Teacher training
200-hour Yoga Teacher training
200-hour Yoga Teacher training
200-hour Yoga Teacher training


To be eligible for this 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, you must have one year of yoga practice experience or have attended 52 classes (in-person or online).

Everyone is welcome to our 200-hour Yoga Teacher training. If you have a medical condition that may impact your ability to complete this training, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can advise and support you in making the right decision.

Please fill in our registration form or contact to apply for any of our training courses and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability. Registration is free and non-binding.




€2.450,- (incl. 21% VAT)


  • Module 1 (online livestream via zoom)
  • Module 2 (in-person at the studio)
  • Module 3 (online livestream via zoom).
  • Daily smoothie and afternoon treat
  • Student manual
  • RYT200 Certificate from Yoga Alliance

Not included:

Travel, accommodation and meals

Cost of books



€2.150,- (incl. 21% VAT)


  • Module 1, 2 and 3 (in-person)
  • Three vegetarian meals daily and unlimited water, coffee and tea
  • Student Manual
  • RYT200 Certificate from Yoga Alliance

Not included:


Cost of books

+ €1.375,- for 21 nights’ accommodation in a twin room (shared bathroom)

or €1.550,- for 21 nights’ accommodation in a private room (shared bathroom)

All prices mentioned are already inclusive of 21% VAT.