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Violet Borneman

Violet Borneman

Violet Borneman studied at TU Delft and obtained her master’s degree in life science and technology. Aside from the 17 years of experience she has accumulated as a research scientist in biochemistry, she has more than 25 years of experience in the sports industry.

Violet combines her work in biochemistry and running her own yoga studio, Born4Yoga, with studying Yoga Therapy at The Yoga Therapy Institute.

Currently, Violet is both our science and research teacher for The Yoga Therapy Foundation 100-hour and all the biomedical modules, a student supervisor and a senior student at The Yoga Therapy Institute. Her passion is, not only to motivate students to read scientific articles and teach them how to analyse them, but also to help clients find their inner strength and to provide additional support where traditional medical attention might be lacking.

Violet’s other areas of expertise include sport-induced health issues, seasonal depression and burnout.

At the school, Violet is known for her ability to make scientific research accessible, easy to understand and fun for all the students training to become Yoga Therapists.

Violet Borneman’s dream is to, one day, combine science and yoga by starting her own research group to scientifically prove the beneficial effects of yoga on our health and to communicate those benefits to the world.