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Sis McKeith

Sis McKeith is a member of The Yoga Therapy Institute faculty, bringing years of experience and passion to her role as a Yoga Therapist and case study mentor for our 850 hour Diploma students.

Sis McKeith is a qualified Yoga Therapist, yoga and SATYA teacher with a background in nursing, marketing and business management.

Born in Norway, Sis McKeith (her full name is Sidsel, Norwegian for Cecilia) grew up living in Norway and East Africa. Now based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England, just across the North Sea from The Yoga Therapy Institute, Sis will be “zooming in” from Newcastle to offer support, guidance and mentoring with case study work.

“In my own Yoga Therapy training, the point at which I started putting theory into practice, with real-life clients, was a pivotal moment. I consider it a huge privilege to now be able to support The Yoga Therapy Institute students in this important work”.

Sis found her true passion for teaching yoga in her mid-forties and has been a teacher ever since. After her initial training with the British Wheel of Yoga through their 500-hour teaching diploma, Sis feels fortunate to have been able to continue studying with many renowned international teachers.

Having completed her Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Campus in London, Sis deepened her restorative yoga training by assisting Judith Hanson Lasater in her London training and also acquiring her certification as a SATYA (Somatic movement) teacher with Tias Little.

My teaching style, therapeutic work and own practice are heavily influenced by a continuous desire to learn, explore and develop new ways of connecting to our deeper, more subtle sense of self and being.

As part of her continued professional and personal development, as well as in her own healing journey, Sis continues to have regular Yoga Therapy and client supervision. In her own work, she has been delighted to discover that despite the restrictions of “lockdown”, online platforms have made Yoga Therapy even more accessible to some people and found it enormously rewarding to be able to continue with both therapeutic group classes and one-on-one client appointments.

Sis cites Jon Kabat-Zinn saying: “People need different doors to come into the room so to speak, of self-awareness and self-knowing. Some people just can’t go through the mind door. They get the body door instantly”.

She goes on to say, “My experience is that once we enter that room, through whichever door, (in my case it was very definitely the body door), we are rewarded with a room full of practices to enrich our journey onwards”.

Back in Newcastle, Sis shares her home with her husband Ian and a Norwegian Forest Cat, Missy. “Ian and I both love spending our free time outdoors, cycling, walking in nature or pottering in the garden whenever and wherever we can. Our other shared passions are cooking and sailing, although these days we are drawn to slightly warmer waters than those of our local coastline. For now, that is a dream for when travel becomes a little more predictable!”