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Marleen Jansen


Marleen Jansen recently graduated as a Yoga Therapist at Yoga Campus and is currently building up her studies and experience to become an IAYT certified yoga therapist.

Marleen will be working in collaboration with Montserrat G. Mukherjee as a mentor and guide to new students. She is well-known for her gentle, respectful approach and attention to detail.

Her qualifications and experience include:



  • Yoga Therapy Teacher Training @ Yoga Campus London (550hours) 2014 – finished April 2017


  • Higher Professional Level Course Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology @ CIVAS in collaboration with Academy of Ayurvedic Studies – diploma 2011


  • Yoga Teacher Training @ Yoga Academy Amsterdam 2005–2009 (575 hours) – diploma 2009


  • Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training @ Yoga Ashram “The Range” New York (200 hours) – diploma 2008





  • Montserrat Gomez-Mukherjee: Yoga Therapy clinics on different topics: Back pain, Auto-immune disease. Currently following more workshops 2016 – 2017


  • Doug Keller: Advanced focus Yoga Therapy on the shoulder girdle and arms (12 hours) 2016, London


  • Doug Keller: Therapeutic Wisdom on posture and movement patterns (28 hours) 2016, Utrecht


  • Suzanne Lahusen/Tony Blair: Experiential anatomy and yoga therapy (18 hours) 2014, London


  • Uma Dinsmore-Tuli: Pregnancy yoga teacher training (30 hours) 2011, London



  • Gert van Leeuwen: Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy teacher training (24 hours) 2010 Amsterdam


  • Mukunda Stiles: Structural Ayurveda Yoga Therapy teacher training (24 hours) 2008 Amsterdam


  • Mukunda Stiles: Structural Yoga Therapy teacher training (24 hours) 2007 Amsterdam





  • Teaching 1-on-1 sessions and semi-private classes (3 students) in a home-based practice as from 2014, self-employed. Company name: De Yogakamer


  • Self-employed hatha yoga teacher, teaching 4 group-led classes per week in Amsterdam from 2008 – 2011. Company name: Yogaism


  • Teaching hatha yoga in a 2 days’ retreat with a group of 18 students in The Netherlands, January 2016 + January 2017


  • Teaching hatha yoga in a 7-days retreat with a group of 25 students, Italy, September 2016


  • Teaching hatha yoga in a 5-days retreat with a group of 15 students – Ibiza – Spain, April 2016