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Liese Van Dam

Ayurveda Studies Liese Van Dam

Liese van Dam

Liese van Dam will be joining Coen Van Der Kroon as a teacher of The Ayurveda & Yoga Studies Foundation Course (Level I) at The Mandala de Masca Retreat in June 2018.

She was originally trained as a Sivananda Yoga teacher and has firm roots in Asana, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy. Her journey with Yoga evolved further through learning how to teach Yoga for Women with Françoise Barbara Freedman. She is trained in Birthlight pre- postnatal, baby yoga and Well -Woman therapeutic yoga.

As a therapist, Liese has a special interest in the deep links between Ayurveda & Yoga and continues to explore these. She works as an Ayurveda Practitioner and in her practice, she uses Therapeutic Yoga principles, alongside other Ayurvedic Therapies such as

  • nutrition
  • lifestyle changes
  • medicinal herbs & treatments.

She teaches yoga from an ayurvedic perspective at Delight Academy, where she teaches part of the Ayurveda curriculum.

At the Yoga Therapy Institute, we really look forward to her approachable and experienced teachings of  The  Ayurveda & Yoga Studies Foundation Course Level I, in June 2018.

Personal experience

“I was lucky to meet Liese at a time when I needed her help as an Ayurvedic Therapist. I was suffering from an ovarian cyst and through her Ayurvedic treatment and careful advice,  the cyst soon dissolved itself. This happened very much to the amazement of my own doctor. What I love about Liese is her compassion and genuine care. She has the rare quality of a true therapist. She connects with her clients and she explains even the most complex subjects in a simple and easy- to- digest way. I certainly look forward to learning from her at the Ayurveda Studies Foundation Course”.