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Drs Mays Zakko

Drs Mays Zakko

Drs Mays Zakko is our in-house doctor. She has been practicing yoga for many years, from Ashtanga to Kundalini and more recently, the gentle approach of therapeutic yoga.

Drs Mays Zakko has been slowly introducing her own patients to the benefits of safe yoga practices for specific health conditions, and at her classes, she shares about her experiences as a family doctor and the practical aspects of medical protocols.

At the Yoga Therapy Institute,  we believe that yoga therapists should have some fair extensive knowledge of:

  • Medical terminology and protocols used by the medical profession
  • Familiarity with most common health problems that Yoga Therapists are most likely to encounter
  • Knowledge  of the red flags that warn us of a possible emergency and referral to a health professional
  • The Scope of Practice and Principles of Ethical work of  Yoga Therapy
  • What to do, but most importantly what NOT to do and contraindications when working with clients who suffer from certain health conditions.

Drs Zakko will be teaching the Biomedical lectures in the modules related to specific health problems, focusing on Anatomy, Physiology, and introduction to Pathology and Disease.

Learn more about her story.