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Alper Bayraktar

Alper is a well-liked teacher, mentor and advanced student of The Yoga Therapy Institute’s 800-hour Diploma.

Alper’s respectful, gentle and deep knowledge has been acquired from nearly two decades of studies and practice, from his first teacher training course from Swami Vivekananda Yoga University to his training at The Yoga Therapy Institute.

He studied with teachers such as Lokesha Hutchappa, David Life, Diana Long, Andrew Zionts, Marion Quaas, Tias Little, Godfrey Devereux, Thomas Stecher Sharma, Andrea Lutz, Laurier Pierre Desjardins, Paul Epstein, Alan Wiuker, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

He then completed the master and advanced yoga instructor training at The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and received the Master of Yoga title.

In 2009, he finished the psychosomatic medicine training in Institut Paracelse Ecole de Medicine du Dr. Alain Scohy.

In 2013, he received accreditation in all areas of Yoga Alliance as the only Yoga teacher trainer in Turkey.

Yoga Therapy in Istanbul

Alper Bayraktar

Alper Bayraktar’s personal dream is to bring Yoga Therapy to Turkey and develop Yoga Therapy training courses in the Turkish language at his wonderful school www.etkininsan.com

For this, Alper and his team are in the process of developing and preparing Yoga Therapy modules inspired by The Yoga Therapy Institute’s respected programs.