Specialized Training Terms & Conditions​

Entry requirements

To attend the training, you must be

  1. Familiar with yoga, either as a practitioner, teacher or therapist
  2. Fluent in English
  3. Minimum 18 years old


The training fee is to be paid in advance through the website. Bookings are confirmed via email upon payment. The Yoga Therapy Institute cannot guarantee a place in the training until the full training fee has been received. 

Reflection Period

Payment of the training is subject to the statutory reflection period for distance sales. Registrations may be cancelled (cancellation in writing) without charge within 14 days from the moment of registration, provided that this is done at least a week before the start of the training. ‘Cancellation in writing’ is understood to mean that the wish to cancel registration is communicated via e-mail at training@theyogatherapyinstitute.org.

When the training has been booked less than a week before the training start date, the training fee will remain payable in full. No refund will be given during or after the training.

Cancellation or Postponement 

The Yoga Therapy Institute reserves the right to cancel lessons due to situations out of its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, illness, regulation or law or other action of any government or agency thereof, war or insurrection, civil commotion, destruction of production facilities or materials by earthquake, fire, flood or storm, labor disturbances, epidemic, or failure of suppliers, public utilities or common carriers.

If a lesson is cancelled by the teacher, the attendees will be offered the possibility to attend the lesson at an alternative time or receive a full or partial refund for the lesson, depending on the circumstances.

The Yoga Therapy Institute reserves the right to cancel the training in the event of insufficient registrations. In such cases, training fees that have already been paid will be refunded in full within 30 days of cancellation.

Certificate of Attendance

Attendees must attend all of the scheduled training hours in order to receive a certificate of attendance following the training. Attendees are responsible for ensuring that they are able to attend all training hours and for informing The Yoga Therapy Institute by email to training@theyogatherapyinstitute.org in case of delayed attendance or absence. Should attendees fail to attend the full training, no refund will be given.

In exceptional circumstances, and in consultation with The Yoga Therapy Institute, attendees may miss up to 1 hour of the training and still receive a certificate of attendance. 


The Yoga Therapy Institute reserves the right to dismiss any attendees displaying unacceptable, including without limitation, discriminating, racist, sexual, aggressive or other inappropriate behavior to the reasonable opinion of The Yoga Therapy Institute at any time, without the attendees being entitled to any form of refund, compensation or damages.

The Yoga Therapy Institute is a registered trademark.

All of The Yoga Therapy Institute’s materials are copyrighted and for the educational and personal use of the attendees only. Copyrighted materials include, but are not limited to, The Yoga Therapy Institute’s training layout, titles, descriptions, manuals, presentations and audio and video recordings. The unauthorised copying, sharing or distribution of any copyrighted material without prior approval from The Yoga Therapy Institute is not permitted. Failure to comply may result in legal action.


The Yoga Therapy Institute respects all attendees’ privacy. In order to process a booking, manage registration and deliver the training, the collection of certain personal information is required.

For detailed information on how we process any personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Please note that the training sessions delivered by Zoom Conference will be recorded and shared with all attendees following the training. By registering for the training, attendees agree to the reproduction, use and distribution of the recordings for educational purposes.


The Yoga Therapy Institute reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any given time.

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