Specialized Online Training Courses

Yoga Therapy Assessment Procedure & Treatment for Lower Back Pain & Herniated discs

With Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT
6th-7th June 2022

Why Is This Training Important?

“Low Back Pain (LBP) is one of the great ‘silent health problems’ of the modern world.  It is the single greatest cause of disability and sick leave in the middle age range yet gets very little attention. compared to the other great epidemics. 

Yoga therapy recently has come to be recognised as one of the best therapies for LBP, but most yoga therapists and teachers avoid using it for herniated disc because herniated disc tends to be exacerbated by typical yoga classes – including those focussing on LBP. 

However, skilfully adapted yoga can safely and effectively be used for all stages of herniated disc ranging from early, acute conditions to maintenance of back health following recovery. The forthcoming course will provide a foundation for learning how to apply yoga therapy tools  for people suffering from LBP and herniated discs.’

Specialized Online Training

In this specialized training, Montserrat G. Mukherjee (C-IAYT) explores the yoga therapy assessment procedure and approach to lower back pain and herniated discs, based on the scientific work of Dr Robin Monro related to structural back pain and yoga.

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  • How to carry out a complete Yoga Therapy Assessment Intake Procedure for clients with Lower back Pain
  • How to identify the symptoms of a lumbar herniated disc and differentiate them from other possible lower back issues
  • Interpretation skills of the information gathered during the intake and physical assessment
  • Yoga Therapy Support Treatment Techniques and safe practices for clients with a lumbar herniated disc, even during the acute stage.
  • Application of these techniques whilst staying within the scope of practice of yoga therapists.
  • Client communication and interpersonal skills when working with clients with acute or chronic pain.
  • Introduction to the CALBA -Computer Assisted Lower Back Pain Assessment- system 

The training will also include an online live observation session led by Montserrat G. Mukherjee as she works with a client diagnosed with a herniated disc at her studio.


Montserrat, teacher and founder of The Yoga Therapy Institute, brings over a decade of experience working with clients who are experiencing lower back pain and herniated discs.

Trained by Dr Monro in the CALBA assessment method for structural back issues and herniated discs, Montserrat has been in the unique position of being able to integrate this analytical method into her work with clients.

Including this assessment in her work, has enabled Montserrat to advance the specific, tailored yoga therapy applications for these conditions.


Dr Robin Monro started his career as a research biochemist, then shifted to the philosophical aspects of science and eventually to yoga therapy. He has been practising yoga for 40 years and is currently involved with yoga therapy research, clinical work and training yoga therapists.

Dr Monro developed the CALBA computer-assisted low back assessment, which can be used to detect herniated discs and distinguish them from other lower back conditions. He is co-author of Yoga for Common Ailments (GAIA books) and several articles on yoga and science.


All yoga therapy trainees, qualified and certified yoga therapists from anywhere in the world.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

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Day 1

6th June 2022

7:00-10:00 pm CET

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Programme Day 1 

  • Yoga Therapy Assessment Intake Procedure for Lower Back Pain with introduction to the CALBA system
  • How to identify the symptoms of a lumbar herniated disc and differentiate them from other possible lower back issues
  • Client communication skills and intake techniques
  • Interpretation of client information: identification of red flags, Yoga Therapy contraindications, and cues for referral. 
  • Questions


Day 2

7th June 2022

7:00-10:00 pm CET 

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Programme Day 2 

  • Live Client Experiential session
  • Yoga Therapy Physical Assessment Procedure for Lower Back Pain 
  • Identification of physical symptoms in posture, movements and breath.
  • Yoga Therapy Support Treatment techniques and safe practices for clients with a lumbar herniated disc
  • New information on how to work safely and pain-free with clients with a lumbar herniated disc and within the Yoga Therapy scope of practice.
  • Questions & Closure 


80 euros excluding VAT of 21% in the EU

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