Psychological and Self-Development modules

Professional Development Modules

These self-care and development yoga therapy elective modules are part of the psychological aspects of Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapy for the Mind, essential for the self-development of every yoga teacher and yoga therapist.

  1. Yoga Therapy for the Mind and Mood disorders with Kristin Vikjord
  2. Yoga Therapy for Anxiety & Depression Workshop with Lisa Kaley-Isley
  3. Safe Tension Release & Embodiment Through a Physical Approach with Suze Retera

At the Yoga Therapy Institute we recognize the importance of our own personal practice and professional development.

Sometimes it is easy to forget about ourselves as we focus on taking care of others. This is why compassion fatigue has become more prevalent among yoga teachers and yoga therapists, with new issues such as “yoga burnout” and mental and physical exhaustion being now a reality of our work.

These modules are designed as Yoga Therapy for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, led by highly experienced psychologists who have been applying the tools of Yoga and Yoga Therapy for many years in this field.

Their safe and compassionate self-care methods include being able to identify when we might be feeling mentally, physically or spiritually exhausted, and how to implement safe practices for our own care.

This is an exciting part of our work and one that we need to keep in mind, as we put the oxygen mask on ourselves before we can help others.

” It is important to remember that we will be working with vulnerable individuals who have been diagnosed with a serious, possibly life-threatening illness. We will be working with human beings suffering from trauma, pain, grief and a wide spectrum of physical and emotional issues part of the human condition.

As yoga therapists, we will often feel exposed to our own fears and our own unresolved issues. It is therefore vital to work on ourselves as we become the receivers of love and care before we can offer it to others. This self-care practice is what makes a responsible, respectful and safe yoga therapist”

Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT

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