Our Students and Clients

Marleen Jansen

“Montserrat has her own unique approach towards health and healing, using the tools of yoga and creating a space wherein one’s own healing can develop. She does this with a sense of lightness and humor on one side, and with a deep sense of respect and compassion on the other side. For me, that’s what makes her style incomparable to others.
As a yoga  teacher and yoga therapist II trained with a lot of (international) teachers throughout the years. What I love from Monsterrat  is her invaluable experience as a yoga therapist. She teaches using her own cases and more then 10 years experience in working 1-on-1 with clients. I learned from Montserrat those precious things that can’t be found in books but really makes the difference in growing as a yoga (therapy) teacher/therapist.
I’ve known Emile for more then 10 years and still visiting him regularly for ‘maintenance’ massage. As a yoga teacher I use my body a lot and I found out that regular shiatsu massage in combination with yoga is the best way to keep my body healthy on all levels: physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Emile is a high-qualified, massage therapist and the kindest person I know, I recommended Emile to friends and family and they became faithful clients as well.
Together Montserrat and Emile are like Yin and Yang. And so their skills work together as well. Having a yoga therapy session with Monts first and a lovely massage afterwards with Emile is like a perfect combination. It doesn’t get more sattvic than that;-)”