Our Students and Clients


I’d like to preface this review by saying that I’m in no shape or form affiliated with the Yoga Therapy Institute. All views expressed are my own and reflect my experience during the course, which may or may not help prospective yoga therapists when considering it. So, let’s get to it: I know it’s a big statement but joining the YTI was probably one of the best decisions I have made as a yoga teacher and practitioner. Before signing up for the training Montserrat made sure to answer all my questions and concerns. I had been having some doubts regarding finances, professional prospects and duration of the course. Montserrat took the time to listen to me and share her experiences and insights. Once the course had started, the rest of my doubts were dispelled quickly.
Montserrat is very knowledgeable and experienced teacher, and what’s even more important, she knows how to share her knowledge in an accessible way. Her teachings are grounded but never dry. The content does not only cover yoga, asana and breathing practices, but also medical, evidence-based facts. From week 1 you start working on real study cases and experience what yoga therapy is about and how to apply it to individual clients. All of these factors made me feel empowered like I was given a wonderful toolbox to add to my classes as a yoga teacher and start my journey as a yoga therapist.