Our Students and Clients

Eva Elias

“I started with yoga therapy in the midst of my burn out, now 1 years ago.

I felt I was taken very seriously and by doing a private class I felt every lesson was an important step in my process of getting better. Montserrat guided me (and still does) through all my different periods and emotions. All that were fully understood by her, taken very seriously and every class she adapted just perfectly to how I felt at that moment. I always come out relaxed and feel my body better.

Underneath there is a longer term plan that worked out very well for me.

Yoga therapy opened my eyes on how important it is to have real attention for one person (instead of a a large class), on how important it is to have the (medical and yogic) knowledge to really be able to help someone physically and mentally and thus to have a real impact on his or her wellbeing.”

Love, Eva