I’d like to preface this review by saying that I’m in no shape or form affiliated with the Yoga Therapy Institute. All views expressed are my own and reflect my experience during the course, which may or may not help prospective yoga therapists when considering it. So, let’s get to it: I know it’s a big statement but joining the YTI was probably one of the best decisions I have …….

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The Yoga Therapy Institute offers something unique that nobody else does. From the very beginning of the study, you get the chance to taste how yoga therapy works in real life: with live practices, real clients and concrete issues.  The groups are small and harmonious. The admission is done with care and the groups are selected and composed with special attention.  You will meet teachers who have tons of experience. …….

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Margaretha van der Broek

Jacquie Saint

Odette Visser

Marco Heering

Marleen Jansen

Roberto Torrini

Vincent Montalescot

Eva Elias

Tracy Ritzmann

Floor Bruijn

Fenna Breitbarth

Hilda Weiland

Patricia Dumala