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Yoga Therapy & Trauma

Yoga Therapy & Trauma with Suze Retera


Yoga Therapy Trauma Suze Retera


We are really excited to work with Suze Retera in the field of Yoga Therapy and trauma, after the success of her collaboration in the Yoga Nidra series with Montserrat G. Mukherjee. 

Suze is one of the most experienced yoga teachers in the Netherlands with a background in psychology, trauma-sensitive yoga and Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. She is a well-liked teacher with a gift for making the most complex subjects easy to understand and to put them into practice in real life.


The program

As yoga teachers and yoga therapists, we are very likely to come across students who have suffered trauma. We could say, in fact, that most of us have suffered some form of trauma and experienced or witnessed traumatic events in some way or another in our lives.

Trauma awareness should not only be a specialization, but it should be compulsory in the field of education. We should all at least be aware of it, and its acknowledgment should be part of the basic education for all teachers.

At the Yoga Therapy Institute, we also understand that studying and working with trauma can take many years of study, even many more years of experience. It cannot be a course that you do online, or in one week. But we have to start somewhere.

The intention of this module is to introduce this important subject to those who are becoming yoga therapists, and for yoga teachers who wish to work in a respectful and safe way, under the experienced guidance of Suze Retera.

In this Yoga Therapy and Trauma module you will learn:

  • The basic understanding of trauma, signs, and symptoms, and how to recognize them in your yoga class.
  • Red flags
  • Referral protocols
  • Basic principles of respect and awareness. What to do, but most importantly, what not to do.
  • Insights on the nervous system and how trauma affects it
  • Practices and practical elements that you can integrate into your teachings



17th-20th of October 2019

More coming in 2020!



Stroombaan 4



The Netherlands



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