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Yoga Therapy Practice Preparation

Yoga Therapy Practice

The Yoga Therapy Practice Preparation is a three-day module available exclusively for students finalizing their Yoga Therapy Diploma 800 hours.

Students who aim to obtain the Yoga Therapy IAYT certification are required to do a minimum of 165 practical hours as the leading yoga therapist, under the supervision and mentorship of an experienced, IAYT-Certified yoga therapist.

During these three days, students are offered the opportunity to bring their practical case studies to share and discuss their own experiences and learn about possible solutions to challenging situations that they may have come across in their work.

These Yoga Therapy practices are advanced team-building classes, where students with at least two years of experience get to dive more deeply into the complex dimensions of this profession.

Dates for the Yoga Therapy Practice Preparation

Students are required to do this module prior to their final diploma examination. These classes serve as preparation for the final exam and they will be guided by a qualified member of the faculty.


*classes will take place from 10 am to 4 pm

Total of 15 hours of course work


300 euros excl. 9% VAT for 2020 & 2021


The Yoga Therapy Institute

Stroombaan 4,

Amstelveen, 1181VX

The Netherlands