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Yoga and Mental Health with Kristin Vikjord


Reducing post-pandemic stress and mental fatigue.


Much needed and so relevant at this moment in time, Yoga and Mental Health is a course designed to empower people who have experienced the profound uneasiness of the current pandemic and would like to regain a sense of emotional wellbeing. 

Kristin Vikjord, clinical psychologist, yoga and mindfulness facilitator and acclaimed writer of ‘Inner Spark’, is the lead teacher on this unique online course. In the course, you will be given a grounding in the therapeutic applications of yoga and how these can be applied to reduce overwhelm and worry, improve sleep hygiene and restore mental health agency.

We’re living in an intense time, where daily life has become restricted, challenging and uncertain. This continuous stress activation eventually takes a toll on our mental health and resilience.  We cannot change the current circumstances but we can empower our own wellbeing, by adapting how we respond physically and emotionally, without being drawn into negative emotional spirals. Learning how to take care of ourselves can reduce mental fatigue, chaotic thoughts and improve our sleeping patterns.

This course, one of our self-care and self-development modules for yoga teachers and Yoga Therapists, can be taken independently, as an elective.

What you will learn

      • The application of Yoga to promote mental health and stabilise wellbeing.
      • Tools to master anxiety.
      • Mindfulness and how it can be applied to shift negative emotional spirals.
      • How to empower yourself to build mental and emotional resilience.
      • Teaching in a clinical setting.
      • A short review of the research underlying the link between yoga and mental health.
      • Learning what is within our scope of practice and where guidance is needed from a clinician.
      • The role of the teacher.
      • Contraindications: when do we not prescribe asana, meditation and other tools from yoga.
      • Methodology and didactics: requirements.



The ‘Yoga for mental health’ online course will take place over two long weekends:


1st-2nd October


11th-13th November


*Students are required to attend all 5 days for completion of this module.



600 euros excl. 9% VAT*

 *European registered companies are excluded from VAT charges.


You can enroll for this course, if you fulfill one of the following requirements: 

        • You have a 200-hour yoga teacher training qualification. 
        • Yoga Therapists – certified or in-training.
        • Committed yoga practitioners.
        • Medical professionals – qualified psychologist, a psychiatric nurse or social worker with a dedicated yoga practice.
        • You are a qualified alternative therapist with a dedicated yoga practice.

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