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Yoga Therapy for The Mind & Mood Disorders with Kristin Vikjord


Yoga Therapy for the Mind with Kristin Vikjord 


Yoga Therapy for the Mind is the one that everyone was waiting for: Kristin Vikjord clinical psychologist, acclaimed writer of Inner Spark, yoga and mindfulness facilitator  is the leading teacher of this fundamental part of the therapeutic applications of yoga in a unique online course. 

This course can be taken independently as an elective, part of our Self-care and Self-development modules for yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

What you will learn

Yoga for mental health

Teaching in clinical settings

History (current paradigm) and evidence base: a short review of research Yoga + mental health

Pathology and diagnostics: we don’t do, and ensure you have guidance from a clinician

The role of the teacher

Contraindications: when do we not prescribe asanas, meditations, and other tools from yoga

Methodology and didactics: what is needed?


The Yoga Therapy for the Mind online course will take place in two long weekends:


13th-14th August -ONLINE- & 10th-12th September -ONLINE-

*Students are required to attend all 6 days for completion of this module.



600 euros exc 9% VAT


How do I join?

You can join this course if you fulfill one of the following requirements: 

  • You have a 200-hour yoga teacher training qualification 
  • Youa are a qualified psychologist, a psychiatric nurse or social worker with a dedicated yoga practice
  • You are a qualified alternative therapist with a dedicated yoga practice

Simply fill up our registration form and we will contact you to organise your booking! 

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