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Yoga Therapy for People Living with Cancer



Yoga Therapy for Cancer Patients

An exceptional week of  Yoga Therapy for Cancer Patients involving a deep study and connection with people living with cancer.

 Cancer is not always a life-threatening disease, but a life-changing event that affects millions of people and their loved ones.

Yoga Therapy can be an essential tool of support, by bringing a sense of physical and emotional well-being through challenging times.

Yoga Therapy Cancer

Open to:

*YOGA THERAPY DIPLOMA 800-hour students

and 500-hour students

Registered Yoga Teachers 

Medical professionals

50 hours


19th-25th August 2019- OPEN FOR REGISTRATION 


The Yoga Therapy Institute

Stroombaan, 4



The Netherlands


550 euros plus 21% VAT


Anatomy, Physiology, Symptoms and Red Flags in the context of Cancer

Personalized Client Assessment

The therapeutic relationship

Challenging Situations

Collaboration with medical professionals

Psychological and emotional aspects

Family, Social and Work Environment

Yoga Therapy Contraindications and Adaptations of Practice

Yoga Therapy Practices and Recommendations

Yoga Nidra for Cancer Patients

A practical and inspirational course which will touch you and the life of your students.