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Yoga Therapy for Digestive issues

Yoga Therapy for Digestive Issues: The Gut Link

42 hours

In this Yoga Therapy Module for Digestive issues: The Gut Link, we will learn how to identify the first signs of trouble, as they can tell us the true story about an individual’s physical and emotional state.

When the mind is out of balance for a sustained period of time, it transpires through the Pranamaya Kosha where the breath, the digestion, and sleep are disturbed.

As a yoga therapist, you will be trained to recognize these symptoms, how they can affect your client’s overall health, and to make the connection between emotions and digestion.

Many people suffer in silence from issues such as IBS, chronic constipation, and stomach pain. With the help of the right Yoga Therapy tools, you can connect the dots and bring flow and balance to digestive health.

Yoga Therapy for Digestive Issues


Students are required to attend 5 days of the program, Monday to Friday, and dedicate at least  7 hours of study of the material, including an online written examination.

Zoom online classes might be included at the discretion of the faculty.

Full schedule for this module, class hours and other practical information will be sent upon registration and admission.

A Yoga Therapist’s guide to Digestive Anatomy and Physiology.

How it works: the digestion process

“Leaky gut syndrome”

Liver disease

Gallbladder  and Pancreas disease

Large Intestinal issues

Other Digestive issues


Stress, emotions, and digestion

Observation and introduction to real case studies



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9th- 13th September 2019 FULLY BOOKED

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31st May-4th June 2021 OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

23rd-27th November 2020 OPEN FOR REGISTRATION 


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650 euros exc 9% VAT *price 2021