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Yoga & Yoga Therapy Retreat in Spain- 30 hours

“Grounded Presence”, a Yoga and Yoga Therapy Retreat at Suryalilla, in the beautiful hills of Seville…

With Suze Retera and Montserrat G. Mukherjee

‘Grounded Presence’ Yoga & Yoga Therapy Retreat Spain 2020

This retreat is open to all: yoga students, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and other therapy professionals. 

On this retreat with yoga therapist Montserrat G. Mukherjee and yoga teacher and psychologist Suze Retera, you get to explore a range of practices that allow you to release tension and trauma in a safe and grounded way. 

Tension and traumatic experience settle in the body and are often experienced as physical sensations. 

In an effort to escape these sensations, dissociation can become a to go to state, which is often an obstacle in cognitive therapy, but also in the functioning of people in daily life.

Physical practices are a very effective tool to release access tension, facilitate are more grounded state and create awareness around dissociation which plays an important part in any healing process.

On this retreat, Suze Retera will explain the way tension settles in the body, looking at the nervous system, but also at the fascia and certain muscles. You will learn how different physical practices can facilitate the release of this tension and create embodiment an the physical and mental effects of different movement modalities.

These include moving beyond the common restorative and meditative yoga practices and applying the physical practice to create mobility, functional strength, tension release, balance, and a grounded state.

Montserrat G. Mukherjee will bring the Yoga Therapy applications of these practices, over-seeing the manifestation of our own self-work on to our teachings with clients and students in a safe, therapeutic setting.

Montserrat and Suze share a wealth of experience, passion for the teachings they have to offer, and a good dose of humor. They will guide you every step of the way during this retreat with practices including yoga therapy, yoga asana, breathwork, Yoga Nidra, and a variety of lectures.

In your free time, you can enjoy the beautiful retreat center, go for walks in nature, explore the area, or enjoy some time alone with a book. Throughout the week you will not only be nourished by the practices, but also by the 3 delicious, home-cooked vegetarian meals you get to enjoy each day.


29 Feb – 7 March  2020


Retreat: Suryalila Eco Retreat Center 

Seville, Spain 

Retreat Package

7 Nights accommodation

30 hours of  yoga & yoga therapy classes 

3 Vegetarian meals a day



Regular Price: 

Triple Room €1219

Double Room €1239

Single Room €1679

Early Bird Price:

Triple Room €969

Double Room €989

Single Room €1429

Early bird discount of €250,- is available for the first 8 registrations with full payment before 1 October 2019 only. 

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  • Yoga Style: Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, functional strength and flexibility
  • Explore meditation practices and breathwork
  • Study with two senior teachers 
  • Relate and apply your practice to your daily life
  • Receive 30-hrs credit towards the Yoga Therapy Training
  • Enjoy a week of deepening practices to take care of yourself and serve others
  • Stay at a beautiful eco-resort
  • Enjoy healthy home-cooked vegetarian meals