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Evening modules and Accessibility.

Yoga Therapy evening modules

We are proud to introduce a new generation of modules which will be part of our Yoga Therapy Diplomas in 2023, and a fresh look at our program’s accessibility.

At The Yoga Therapy Institute we are aware that adult education is not always easy when you have a job, a family, and other responsibilities which can restrict the amount of time you have available to attend your training.

We are also aware of the possible physical and mental limitations that some of our students might experience during these intense courses. Long hours of online attendance, practices and study may sometimes seem unaccessible.

We believe that becoming a yoga therapist is not only for the fittest, but that it should also be a real possibility for anyone with the dedication and compassion that this profession represents.

This is why we have created an evening modules timetable for the modules you wish to attend, and added some flexibility to when and how you can attend the courses, in order to honour our commitment to accessibility.

Accessible Yoga Therapy Training

Many of our students already benefit from our adaptability to their learning needs by offering the following unique features:

Space for permissive attendance

Recorded classes with unlimited access

Accessibility features for the hearing impaired

Flexibility for the neurodivergent student

Practice videos and audios

Direct access to our all our teachers.

Evening modules in 2023

In 2023, our PM schedule (from 15:00 to 22:00 CET) will make it easier for those students who teach and work in the mornings, and it opens a window of opportunity for students from other time zones.

  1. Yoga Therapy for Musculoskeletal Issues & Lower Back Pain– WEEK ONE-10th-14th January
  2. Yoga Therapy Foundation- WEEK ONE– 23rd-28th January
  3. Yoga Therapy Foundation- WEEK TWO– 27th February-4th March
  4. Yoga Therapy for Musculoskeletal Issues & Lower Back Pain– WEEK TWO-28th March-1st April
  5. Yoga Therapy for the Nervous System & Pain Clinic– 2nd- 6th May
  6. Yoga Therapy for The Endocrine & Immune Systems– 16th-20th May
  7. Yoga Therapy for the Reproductive System, Family Dynamics & the Ageing Process– 6th-10th June
  8. Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular & Respiratory Issues– 20th-24th June
  9. Yoga Therapy for Digestive Issues & The Gut Link -10th-14th October

To join our evening modules and to find out how we can support your learning needs, please contact us by email and a member of our team will get back to you.

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