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Ethical Principles of Yoga Therapy – Online

teaching a yoga therapy class
Ethical principles pf Yoga Therapy

The Ethical Principles of Yoga Therapy is a professional online module which the students take at the end of their Yoga Therapy 850-hour diploma process.

In this module, students will be given a solid grounding in the code of conduct, ethical principles and scope of practice in Yoga Therapy, supported by videos and self-reflection exercises.


  • Differences between working as a yoga teacher versus working as a Yoga Therapist and possible areas of conflict
  • Exercises for self-inquiry
  • Practical cases for referral to medical professionals: the use and understanding of medical terms.
  • Professional mutual collaboration and support with health care providers and other Yoga Therapists
  • Case study test with real-life challenges
  • Yoga Therapy in the world. The role of the IAYT
  • Yoga Therapy as a health business: the business models of Yoga Therapy
  • Professional insurance
  • Self-responsibility, self-care and professional development.
  • Preparation for the IAYT Ethics, Scope of Practice & Coe of Conducts quiz

Students at the end of their Yoga Therapy 850-hour Diploma can apply for this professional module via email.

Ethical principles of Yoga Therapy, scope of practice and business material will be sent in a digital file and time will be allocated with a teacher or mentor to go through the documents and answer any questions.

Note: This module is required to obtain the full diploma certification.


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