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Chinese Medicine Foundation for Yoga Therapy 130 hours

This specialized module of Chinese Medicine Foundation is one of the most anticipated courses organized by The Yoga Therapy Institute.

The aim of this course is to offer a comprehensive base and understanding of Chinese Medicine, with the purpose of shedding light on the ancient and modern approach of this popular science.

This is a professional course open to Yoga Therapy trainees, yoga teachers, students and medical professionals who wish to learn and consolidate clear, no-nonsense basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine, delivered by one of the most experienced and liked teachers in this field.

Professor of Chinese Medicine Weixiang Wang

Chinese Medicine Foundation
Prof. Wang

Dr. Weixiang Wang is a well-known international lecturer and doctor of Chinese Medicine with 30 years of experience, and Academic Dean of the Shenzhou Open University of TCM for 16 years. 

He is a professor at Nanjing University of TCM and has had 14 years of work experience in Nanjing University and the teaching hospitals in China before he moved to the Netherlands in 2003. 

He has vast experience in teaching and supervising TCM students and practitioner’s clinical practice and has authored and co-authored 10 publications on TCM published in China. 

Before joining the Shenzhou Open University of TCM in Amsterdam, Dr. Wang also worked in Ireland, Hong Kong, Austria, and Germany as a guest professor and TCM doctor

Prof. Wang has been the President of The Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an an Executive Member of European Associations of TCM for 6 years.

He is a licensed Chinese Medicine Doctor and runs his own succesful clinic in Amsterdam.

European Academy of Traditional Medical Science Certfication

At the end of this course, students who have passed their end-of-course- examination will be awarded the European Academy of Traditional Medical Science 130 hour certification.

Students will also receive The Yoga Therapy Institute 130 hour certification of attendance for Yoga Therapy support studies.

Chinese Medicine Foundation


Module 1

Basics of Chinese Medicine: the ancient eastern wisdom 

  • Yin Yang theory and their application on our body physiologically and pathologically
  • Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. A mutual support and control system in our body and mind. 
  • Vital substances: Jing, Qi, and Shen, the crucial triangle of our life. 
  • Yin Yang organs and their functions. 

Module 2

tiology of Chinese Medicine: what causes the imbalance of our body and mind?

  • Different body constitutions  
  • External factors: wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness, heat/fire. 
  • nternal: excessive of seven emotions – joy, anger, sad, worry, overthinking, fear, fright/shock. 
  • ther causes: traumatic injury, overwork, over-sport, over-rest, improper diet.

Module 3

Miraculous network: Meridians and collaterals – the channels of energy and pathogens 

  • The main meridian system
  • The extra meridian system
  • Cooperation of different meridians 
  • How to influence the energy flow in the meridians  

Module 4

Stimulate outside but regulate inside: main acupoints and their functions (Part I)

  • Acupoints and functions in Chinese Medicine
  • Main acupoints from Hand Yin meridians 
  • Main acupoints from Hand Yang meridians 
  • Stimulating manipulations (1)

 Module 5

Stimulate outside but regulate inside: main acupoints and their functions (Part II)

  • Acupoints from Foot Yin meridians 
  • Acupoints from Foot Yang meridians 
  • Main acupoints from Extra meridians 
  • Stimulating manipulations (2)

Module 6

Herbal medicine: gifts from the nature 

  • Basic features of the herbs: cold, hot, warm, cool.
  • Four directions of the herbs: ascending, descending, floating and sinking.
  • Common herbal medicine: the function and usages. 

Module 7

Nourish the life: we are the host of our body and mind

  • Regulate the lifestyle  
  • Regulate the body 
  • Regulate the mind

The Yin Yoga Link

In recent years and with the emergence of Yin, and the new Yang Yoga, there has been a surge of Chinese Medicine information which could be giving misleading information about the healing properties of certain forms of yoga, and which seem to differ from one school to another.

As a result, many Yoga Therapy trainees, yoga teachers, and their students are confused about these new approaches and their claims based on Chinese principles.

Chinese Medicine Foundation

If we wish to teach and care for our students in a safe, respectful manner, it is important to obtain clear, science-based knowledge of the basis of Chinese Medicine, so we can apply these principles in our practice and teachings without causing harm.

Well sourced knowledge and safe professional practice are the main reasons behind the launch of this new course.

We hope that with this module we will be able to give our students a strong platform to feel confident in themselves and when teaching others.

Chinese Medicine Foundation

Schedule 2020

Module 1 – 15th-17th May

Module 2- 19th-21st June

Module 3 – 14th-16th August

Module 4- 18th-20th September

Module 5- 30th October-1st November

Module 6- 20th-22nd November

Module 7- 11th-13th December * 13th of December Examination


1900 euros exc. 21% BTW

Please contact Kaz Little at [email protected] for information about installment payments.

As always, places are limited and they get fully booked fast…!