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Online Counselling Skills for yoga therapists

Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Esther van der Sande

Online Counselling Skills for yoga therapists

In this online course you will learn some of the counselling skills that you will need for your work as a yoga therapist.

You have already been trained to tailor the practice to the person, and while the aim is to help people regain or maintain health through movement and breathing, we know there’s always a psychological component to the healing process too.

Considering that responsibility, it is extremely useful to be aware of, and be able to use, some basic counselling skills. Not only will it give you more confidence in your practice, but it will help your clients along on their own personal healing journeys.

That is why we’re offering a fully immersive, 5-day basic counseling skills for yoga therapists workshop.

The Program

What you’ll learn during this online course.

  • What is counseling in Yoga Therapy?
  • The importance of self-awareness during the process
  • How attitudes and values can affect the partnership
  • Building a relationship of trust
  • Creating a safe place for change
  • The value of listening, silence and holding
  • Accurate empathy and the relevant response
  • Using language and metaphors effectively
  • Turning theory into practice, and practicing skills

The course is lead by Esther van der Sande, a professional counsellor, somatic psychotherapist, and trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, trainer & supervisor at Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nederland.

All of these skills are brought to bear in the workshop, giving students an incredibly well informed, and thorough grounding in basic counseling.

Basic Counselling Skills for Yoga Therapists is a great opportunity to increase your skills, help your clients even more, and also build some space for self- awareness, and reflection.

DATES 2021

18th – 22nd October 2021 -AT LOCATION- OPEN FOR REGISTRATION


500 euros ex 21% VAT 2020 & 2021 price

If you are already a student at the Yoga Therapy Institute, please contact [email protected] to reserve your space.