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Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy

Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy (50 hrs)


A 50-hour experiential training for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists &
Yoga practitioners.



Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy


Module Ayurveda & Yoga Level I is a thorough introduction into the basic principles of ayurveda and how to connect them to yoga.

You will get to know the three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and you will learn how they work and how you can use them in your daily life.

We will introduce the concept of agni, and how it relates to our lifestyle, our digestion as well as our thinking.

Nutrition and cooking are intimately connected with “agni” and we will also include a practical demonstration in this module.

We will bring into our practice what we learn: vata, pitta, kapha and agni and and how these are applied to asana and pranayama.

You will learn how ayurvedic and yogic anatomy and physiology have their own ancient terminology and how this terminology relates to body, mind and soul.

This module lays the foundations for a truly ayurvedic understanding of ‘therapy’ and gives a framework for understanding and applying ayurvedic yoga therapy in your practice as a teacher as well as a therapist.

Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy

Another important red line through this seminar is that of the six tastes (Rasa’s). The six tastes together constitute the story of our life.

We want to weave this week together with that story, in order for you to gain a deeper and more alive understanding of what Ayurveda is about, with practical examples of how to understand this in your life: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.

So, apart from some hints at what can be seen as ‘ayurvedic yoga (therapy)’, we playfully will connect you with what we could call ‘the yoga of the six tastes’.

Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Schedule

Days Themes Remarks
1 Start: Meditation & Yoga

Morning: Sankhya Pilosophy and the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether); Taste: Madhura – Sweet

Afternoon: The Five Elements in Practice

Ending: Meditation – Yoga Nidra

2 Start: Meditation & Yoga

Morning: The Three Doshas and physiology; Taste: Amla – Sour

Afternoon: Ayurvedic physiology in yoga practice

Ending: Meditation – Yoga Nidra

3 Start: Meditation & Yoga

Morning: Flowing deeper with Vata dosha; Taste: Lavana – Salt

Afternoon: Vata balancing guidelines and practices

Ending: Meditation – Yoga Nidra

4 Start: Meditation & Yoga

Morning: Going sharply into Pitta dosha; Taste: Katu – Pungent

Afternoon: Pitta balancing guidelines and practices

Ending: Meditation – Yoga Nidra

5 Start: Meditation & Yoga

Morning: Agni, Nutrition and Digestion; Taste: Bitter

Afternoon: Cooking for Health and Happiness, simple and light recipes

Evening: Meditation – Yoga Nidra

6 Start: Meditation & Yoga

Morning: Building thoroughly with Kapha; Taste: Kashaya – Astringent

Afternoon: Kapha balancing guidelines and practices

Evening: Meditation – Yoga Nidra

7 Start: Meditation & Yoga

Morning: Reviewing & integrating tridosha and Agni; Taste: back to Madhura – Sweet

Afternoon: Tridosha, agni and dharana in yoga practice

Ending: Meditation – Yoga Nidra

  • Start/Morning yoga practice: normal practice with ayurvedic accents
  • Morning program: more theory, some ‘doing’
  • Afternoon program: more practicing, with referral to theory
  • Ending/late afternoon program: establishing and restoring

The Three Doshas and Agni

Towards simple guidelines &  remedies for healthy living and practicing

In this module we will look into some basic principles of Ayurveda and into the connection between Ayurveda and Yoga.

This will be introductory and some theoretical explanation is part of the program. We will also explore a few of the introductory themes in practice through very simple practices in the field of asana, pranayama, pratyahara and dharana, the last one being the red line throughout this module.

The following topics will be covered:

Part I – Introduction:

  1. Ayurveda: basic principles – the three doshas & agni
  2. The philosophical connection between Ayurveda and Yoga
  3. The practical connection between Ayurveda and Yoga
  4. Some modern applications of these connections

Part II – The principles explained for practice:

  1. Triguna, the three qualities of the mind – The Yoga of Mindfulness
  2. The principle of movement and flow – The Yoga of Flow & Vata dosha
  3. The principle of change and transformation – The Yoga of Transformation & Pitta dosha
  4. The principle of nutrition and juice – The Yoga of Sweetness & Kapha dosha

Part III – The practice itself:

  1. Integrating the three doshas into yogic physiology and anatomy
  2. Working with Agni in Ayurveda & Yoga
  3. Agni, nutrition and cooking; practical cooking workshops
  4. ‘Dharana’ from an ayurvedic and yogic perspective & restorative yoga
  5. Some simple practices (asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana)


Coen van der Kroon

Liese Van Dam

Montserrat G. Mukherjee



1st-7th June 2020


The Yoga Therapy Institute

Stroombaan, 4


1181 VX

The Netherlands


This course is developed for experienced yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga therapy trainees, and yoga therapists.


800 euros ex 9% VAT *price 2020