Yoga Therapy Courses

Yoga Therapy Diploma 850 hours

Become a successful, confident, internationally certified Yoga Therapist, equipped with the medical knowledge , the yoga therapy tools -from all traditional and modern lineages- and the practice required as a leading yoga therapist, with real clients suffering from a wide range of health issues

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Yoga Therapy Diploma 500 hrs

An advanced course to deepen your practice and take you further as a yoga teacher. You will gain confidence in what you do and your own students will experience the difference, as your classes become more grounded, safe and effective.

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The ultimate must-do foundation course for anyone wishing to become a Yoga Therapist and for those who would like to learn more about these advanced studies. This course is obligatory for students wishing to register for some of the Yoga Therapy courses in this program, and to obtain international accreditation.

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Ayurveda Foundation Course / 18th-24th June 2018

This introduction to Ayurveda course, taught by the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies in Amsterdam, will give you the further therapeutic tools you will need to work with your clients, supporting Yoga Therapy from the complementary Ayurvedic perspective.

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YOGA NIDRA FOUNDATION COURSE/ 20th-21st January 2018

The Yoga Nidra Foundation Weekend with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli from Total Yoga Nidra in the UK is finally coming to Amsterdam!! Don’t miss out on the most inspiring, relaxing and healing two days you’ll spend this year…personally recommended. Montserrat

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Yoga Therapy Asana, Pranayama & Restorative Yoga Retreat

An amazing week at a beautiful location, learning the Yoga Therapy applications relevant to Health and Disease, for all Yoga Teachers and Yoga therapists, regardless of their background or tradition which they have studied.

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Nervous System and Pain Clinic / 10-16th September 2018

A very special week with Dr Mays Zakko, Montserrat G. Mukherjee and Emile Pochman, combining conventional medicine with Yoga Therapy, Shiatsu and Hypnotherapy treatments for degenerative disease and management of pain.

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The Heart Module & CPR for Yoga Teachers / 19th-15th November 2018

A unique Yoga Therapy for cardiovascular disease course, including a CPR weekend for yoga teachers with the Red Cross.

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The Breathing issue: Yoga Therapy & Pranayama /28th Jan-3rd Feb 2019

A beautiful yet practical course where we will take you through the different applications of Pranayama techniques for respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and other relevant health problems.

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Hormones & Immune System Module

One of the most valuable modules in the course. Auto-inmune disease has become a big subject in the medical world, as more and more people are diagnosed every day, with Diabetes on top of the list.

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The Reproductive Module: Woman’s and Man’s Clinics

  Open to: *YOGA THERAPY DIPLOMA 850 hour students  Continued Professional  Development (CPD) for : YOGA THERAPY DIPLOMA 500 hour students  Registered Yoga teachers  All medical professionals  50 hours Location and Date to be confirmed PROGRAM: Men’s Clinic  Male reproductive system Male reproductive system disorders Yoga Therapy practice Women’s Clinic Female reproductive system The menstrual cycle Perimenopause and Menopause Female reproductive system disorders     Yoga Therapy for female reproductive disorders …….

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The digestive system and the gut link

There is a lot to digest in this module. The medical community seems to agree that the cause of many health issues is gut disease … learn how Yoga Therapy addresses these common problems, to bring balance in the absorption, assimilation and elimination processes. A basic need for good, healthy life.

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Muscular Skeletal Module & Lower Back Pain Clinic

This is an essential module for all Yoga Therapists, teachers and medical professionals. To understand the amazing mechanics of the body as a whole, from a Yoga Therapy perspective and how Yoga Therapy treatments effectively complement conventional medicine in this field.

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Retreat: Yoga Therapy for people living with cancer

Every yoga therapist should do this course, as cancer touches everyone’s life in one way or another, we learn how to deal with our deepest fear of loss and how to help others. making a difference is easier and simpler than one thinks…

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Yoga Therapy, The Mind & Mood Disorders: Depression & Anxiety

Yoga Therapy and the Mind and mood disorders taught by specialists in this field, with a Yoga Therapy for Mental diseases weekend, exclusive for medical professionals.

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Practice and Assessment weeks

Part of the 200 -hour practical requirements for the IAYT accreditation, students will get the chance to show what they have learned at the end of their YT Diploma courses.

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Montserrat G. Mukherjee C-IAYT

This course offers a special opportunity for students to learn from Montserrat’s years of  experience and unique approach to health and Yoga Therapy. A certified IAYT Yoga Therapist, Montserrat graduated at the Yoga Biomedical Trust -now Yoga Campus- , 10 years ago, in a pioneer certification which integrated medical studies with yoga, founded by Dr Robin Monro.  Based in Amsterdam,  Montserrat has worked with hundreds of clients from around the …….

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Therapists, teachers and collaborators of TYTI

  For these courses, Montserrat has invited highly experienced therapists and senior teachers to share their knowledge with The Yoga Therapy Institute students.  She will be working closely with  collaborators from the medical community, such as the renowned Dr Robin Monro from the Yoga Biomedical Trust in the UK, who has offered his support and valuable Calba system for herniated discs to the Institute. Drs Mays Zakko, a general practitioner …….

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De Roos Center Amsterdam

De Roos Center in Amsterdam is set in a beautiful location, at the entrance of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. A place where many therapeutic disciplines are taught, simple yet warm and welcoming. You won’t feel intimidated. The staff are from all ages and many work as volunteers, and they always have a reason to smile!   There is a lovely glass tea-house and a space outdoors to eat lunch and …….

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