To become an accredited Yoga Therapist, you need to do some serious training.

There are some courses in Europe and in the US which offer qualifications as a Yoga Therapist, but please note that not all of them are accredited by the relevant regulatory organisations, and not many will give you  enough hours of training and in-depth knowledge to work as a Yoga Therapist.

Very few will give you enough hours of practical training with real clients and case studies.

As a consumer, or client, it is important that you search for fully qualified therapists who have the right accreditation and experience, specially if you suffer from serious conditions such as heart disease, cancer or degenerative disease.

At The Yoga Therapy Institute we are following the standards of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), plus our own standards based on over a decade of experience working with hundreds of clients.


“What courses should I do?”

This is a question that we are being asked all the time.

To become an accredited Yoga Therapist, you will need to do a comprehensive 850 hours Diploma Course. Of these hours, 500 hours are residential -attendance is required-, 150 hours are distance learning, and 200 hours are practical work. 

Some of these hours can be validated if you are already a 500- hour, experienced yoga teacher, or if you have medical studies and other relevant qualifications.

There is an incredible diversity of yoga teachers and medical professionals, so the actual amount of hours depends on your current qualifications and experience. 

At the Yoga Therapy Institute we not only offer the full range of courses that you need to become an accredited yoga therapist, but we also advice you on what is the best for you, according to your background, professional and personal goals. 

We strongly recommend everyone, regardless of their professional status, to start off with the intense  Yoga Therapy Foundation Course, starting on the 16th of October 2017, in Amsterdam: 100 hours to help you dive into the depths of Yoga Therapy, so you can then decide which direction you wish to take. 

If you can’t attend the course, you can contact us directly and make a personal  appointment, or through Skype, so we can discuss your options about the  courses that you should do in order to achieve your objectives

You can contact us any time by email with your questions about becoming a yoga therapist, or to make an appointment for a personal interview.

Alternatively, you can take the first step of the process and join us at The Yoga Therapy Foundation course, which is the best way to start!